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Garodian Alumni Times

Welcome to the quarterly newsletter of the P. G. Garodia School Alumni Association. Our goal with this newsletter is to keep you informed of all the activities of the PGGS Alumni Association and to give you a platform to share your creative side with a community of your past peers. We have come a long way since we started but we still have a long way to go. If you have any thoughts or suggestions or contributions for the next issue, feel free to hit us up at

July 2022

​First off, the PGGS Alumni Association organized a Farewell party for the batch of 2021 on the 19th of June, 2022, which they had missed as due to the pandemic and the corresponding lockdown. 

Next, in the 'A New Side to Them,' column, we catch up with Mrs. Bharati Mehta, who taught English & Geography, and left the school in 2022. She also played an integral role in the formation of PGGS Alumni Association and has been involved since the get-go.

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Feb 2022

February 2022

In this issue, we have several important updates and announcements.

First off, we are hosting the second episode of our talk show, celebrating the International Women's Day. We have also launched a Mentorship & Internship Program for all Alumni members.

Next, in the 'A New Side to Them,' column, we catch up with Mrs. Vanaja, who taught English, Math & Social Studies and left the school in 1995.

October 2021

In this issue, read the interview of Mrs. Subhadra Rao, an ex-teacher, taken by Aekta Doshi, Batch of 1992, as a part of our new section called 'A New Side to them.' After this, we have an article from Mrs. Bhakti Desai (Mirani) from the batch of 1994, on what it means to have a 'perfect' friend.

e an article from Mrs. Bhakti Desai (Mirani) from the batch of 1994, on what it means to have a 'perfect' friend.

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Jul 2021

July 2021

In this issue, we start off with a new section called 'A New Side to them,' wherein we talk to teachers who have retired from our school and learn more about them and what they are doing now.

Next, we have some articles from the readers, including articles on health and safety during this seemingly unending pandemic, a poem that will take you on a trip down memory lane and help you reminisce the good old days, and a painting that will hopefully leave you in awe.

March 2021

It gives us great pleasure to present the first issue of the Garodian Alumni Times for the year 2021. With this new term, we have formed a new team for the newsletter. We have Ishwar Nankani, Batch of 1983, Dev Bakshi, Batch of 1984, Sumitra Venkatesh, Batch  of 1989 and Megha Gohel, Batch of 2020. We also have Aekta Doshi, Batch of 1992 as the Co-editor and Siddhant Shah, Batch of 2019 as the Editor. As this is the first issue after the General Elections of the Alumni Committee, we start off with an address from the New President of the Alumni committee, Rakesh Suneja, Batch of 1985, outlining his goals for this term. Next we have an introduction of the Alumni Committee for the year 2021-22.

Mar 2021

November 2020

Nov 2020

This edition of the newsletter would technically be the final one with Dr. Sumitra Venkatesh (Batch of 1989) as the Editor and Siddhant Shah (Batch of 2019) as the Co-Editor.

This issue brings out the experiences penned down by our President, Ishwar Nankani (Batch of 1983) and our Vice President, Rakesh Suneja (Batch of 1985) during his tenure, some deep quotes to ponder by Purvi Daftary-Mehta (Batch of 1989) and an important article on child development during COVID-19 by Ritu Joshi (Batch of 1989).

July 2020

This edition of the Garodian Alumni Times touches upon how our beloved alma mater has also adapted to the current situation and continues to impart education to the ‘Generation Alpha’ through the medium that they best connect to. We have also received some beautiful compilation of quotes and paintings by our alumni - a creative use of the lockdown period by the talented lot.

Jul 2020
Apr 2020

April 2020

In this issue, we, the editorial board, decided to not bombard you with another bunch of  ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ during the Lockdown period. This issue of the Newsletter has inspiring poetry, stories, humor and life skills which will help you tide over this period of crisis and accept the ‘new’ normal.

January 2020

This issue of the Garodian Alumni Times, the second in series, has contributions from Dev Bakshi of Batch 1984 on a very pertinent topic in today's day and age and also the first Presidential address. We have included many photographs from the Cricket tournament and the AGM for all those who missed these events.

Jan 2020
Sep 2019

September 2019

It gives us great pleasure to present the very first 'Garodian Alumni Newsletter' to you. We bring forth the first edition of the newsletter in September to coincide with the School Founder's Day and Teacher's Day.

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